“It is through women’s experience in society that an understanding of their psychology must be sought; not, as it is usually taught, the other way around, whereby women’s social roles are seen to flow naturally from women’s psychology, a psychology in-variably seen as determined by biology. The feminist analysis of women’s psychology shows the enormous extent to which their actions and feelings have been concentrated on trying to cope with society’s rules about what and who women should be. The development of a new understanding of women’s experiences and women’s psychology rests on bringing into bold relief exactly what these rules are." (Orbach, 1983)

Research book

The research underpinning the collection is to explore the realities of women’s conflict with themselves both from a psychological and medical perspective but also understanding how the fashion industry plays such a critical role, from a young age in this sometimes-dangerous conflict with oneself. As we grow in an age of increasingly fast-paced collection releases, social media pressures and advertising and media at our constant consumption, we are losing our sense of physical self. Designers are failing to keep up which is evident in the increase of designer suicide, resignation and lack of innovation with constant recycling of silhouettes which prove commercially successful. Collections no longer have an emotional, shock value because of their inventible turnover. Therefore, consumers have no escape into a fantasy where they can fully express their true, multi-layered personalities and connect fully with a designer.

The collection allows women to understand the interior and exterior conflict of self-identity. I am going to explore the complex but poorly understood relationship between a women’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self and how each of these fragments form a complicated and inter-changing representation of femininity through how women express control through dress. 

My audience is not defined by set values, demographics and beliefs as I do not pinpoint the target consumer based on commercial benefits and I aim to give that control to the audience. Rather my consumer is open to interpret the brand as they wish as a result of their subjective desires and experiences. 

The audience are a group of like-minded creatives who seek a connection to brands and brand identity. However, as the question of identity is contradictory the ways the audience respond and connect to that is diverse. 

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